"The Little Story of the Watchdogs"

The "Chiens du Guet" or watchdogs, from the word "guet", formerly used to designate a night watch, were a pack of watchdogs that were released at nightfall on the shore surrounding the ramparts of St. Malo, in order to ensure its protection: to dissuade intruders from attacking the city or looting the cargo of ships docked in the port and in the shipyards. They were released when the city gates were closed, so that they would not attack the inhabitants. The latter were warned in the evening that they had to return by the cathedral bell tower, and in the morning that they could go out by the sound of a trumpet.

Established in 1155, they performed their function until March 7, 1770, when they devoured a naval officer named Ansquer de Kerouartz, who had tried to force his way through and climb the enclosure. Following this accident, the municipality gave the order to poison them.